black lives matter

In my life, I have found it invaluable to learn about the history of people of color and the struggles and mistreatment that we have faced. So many stories and so much pain that we take for granted especially from our black community. The least we can do as a society is to remember and learn from those who have lead us into a better future and use them as an example for us to move forward and do what is right.

This is an amazing source of different genres for you to browse and choose what you want to read!


Down below I have compiled a list of shows and movies from Netflix and Hulu! Why not play one of these tonight??


(Also, Hulu and Netflix both have a BLM genre for easy access, there are a lot more movies and shows on that list.)



Whose Streets?

If Beale Street Could Talk


America To Me

Monsters and Men

Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am



Da 5 Bloods


LA 92

When They See Us



Dear White People

Self Made

They've Gotta Have Us